Adopt Dog Corporate Social Responsibilit
It's our joy to give back to our communities  

IRP is actively looking to give back to our communities with our corporate social responsability programs. We belive it's our duty to contribute to sociaity and give to our collaborators the opportunity to collaborate. 

Our gold is to reach each and every community we do business in and help localy in hunderds of local towns in Central America. 

Colaborating with local organizations to rase funds for people in need, cleanning the beach or planting a tree.   

CSR Projects 
adoptame CSR.jpg is the fist online adoption website in Latin America. Created by our CEO, Pablo E Arias, and his brother to assist the pet adoption shelters and animal protection association in Costa Rica with a free and user friendly platform that helps in the adoption proccess.  

The platform allows any shelter or individual to publish the cats and dogs for adoption on a website that receives thousands of users looking to adopt. This effort helps the family interested in adopting a pet to find the right match base on location, size, animal temperament a more. Less that a year later this initiative has a group of voluntires, a fundation, and is looking to expand to other countries. 

If you have a big hard for this animals a would like to become a voluntire leader in your country 

Asesoria Encuentra Empleo (AEE)
Corporate Social Resp Costa Rica

​Once a year we get together with a group of our corporate clients HR departments to bring a free conference to help reduce the unemployment.


Asesoria Encuentra Empleto is an initiative that attacts the unemployemnt issue with eduation. We looking for a public space, made de advertisment invesment to call the community and give a class for people who is actively looking for a job. 


The talk about three main topics we belive can help: 

  • How to inmpruve the Resume CV

  • Job interview best practices

  • Networking as a tool to look for a job

But most importantly we get a group of people together and give the new tools and hope.

We are always looking to connect with other non-profit organizations and socially responsible businesses to do more. Please feel free to reach out to our CSR department with your initiative. 

Corporate Social Responsability