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DO IT YOURSELF Moving Checklist Guide

Moving abroad has a series of steps that we need to diligently follow to guarantee a successful and easy relocation journey, that is why we had made this helpful guide for you!
Do It Yourself Relocation checklist

Want Relocation Advice Personalized to YOUR Situation?

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We know you have several questions, so we prepare for you an initial consultation call with two main objectives:

  • – Understanding your requirements. We like to know what your needs are and know what is important to you.
  • – Explain to you the rules and regulations that may affect your shipment process, this quick call can help us review these rules and advice depending on your specific case.

Hiring Packers Checklist

Moving abroad has a numbers of steps that we need to diligently follow to ensure a smooth and successful journey. Take a look at this checklist and start your relocation journey with the right foot.

Move Overseas with Ease

by Deborah Dahab Free Ebook

We understand how stressful and complicated just thinking about moving abroad could be, we want to let our customers know, that there is nothing to be afraid of, as long as you have the information needed to make a well-informed decision.

We want to help out not only to our ex-pat community but also whoever is thinking of moving abroad and starting a new adventure, so if you are looking for tips and ideas on how to live your best life abroad this free Ebook, by Deborah Dahab, Expat Coach, is for you.

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