5 Reasons to Consider Guatemala as a Retirement Destination:

Guatemala, often overshadowed by its neighbor Mexico, could be an alternative destination for adventurous retirees looking for rich experiences and a slower pace of life in a not-so-faraway land. Here are the top five reasons to consider Guatemala as a retirement destination:

Proximity and Convenient Time Zone

Guatemala is conveniently located near the US, with direct flights available from Guatemala City. Guatemala observes Central Standard Time (CST) all year, with no Daylight-Saving Time changes. Dallas is in the same time zone, while Miami has a one-hour time difference, and Los Angeles has a two-hour difference. This convenience and ease of travel have resulted in a large American expat community in the country.

The Land of Eternal Spring

Guatemala has been nicknamed “The Land of Eternal Spring” for its clement year-round temperatures in much of the country at a higher elevation. This is a big reason why many expats have chosen to make it their home to escape the long, dark, cold winters up north and overseas.


Guatemala is relatively inexpensive compared to the US, making it an affordable destination for retirees. Rent varies widely depending on location, quality, and facilities. The cost of living is also affordable, with local products and fresh in-season produce from the market available at reasonable prices.

Community and Culture

One of the biggest reasons many expats relocate to Guatemala is the people. The warm, friendly Guatemaltecos are a mix of indigenous people and European descendants of mainly Spanish origin, making for a diverse, colorful, and vibrant culture with a constant flurry of activities, events, traditions, and celebrations. The expat community is also very welcoming and diverse, with adventurous folks from all backgrounds relocating from the US, Canada, Europe, and elsewhere.

Majestic Scenery and Ruins

Guatemala is famous for its natural beauty and ruins, with the highest mountain and the deepest lake in Central America. In the humid lowlands, vast dense tropical jungle shrouds the secrets of ancient, ruined Maya temples and cities. Coastal plains with black volcanic sand beaches stretch along the Pacific coast, while white sand rims the brief stretch of Caribbean shore. In the cooler highlands, dramatic landscapes of volcanoes dominate the skyline around valleys and mountain lakes.

However, it’s important to note that Guatemala has a high crime rate, and dealing with government offices can be complex and bureaucratic. Some areas are safer than others, and it’s important to know what areas to avoid and where to stay to be safe.

For those considering a move to Guatemala, it’s essential to work with a trusted partner who can guide you through the process. International Relocation Partner LLC is a company that specializes in managing international moving projects and logistics, providing English-speaking customers with a clear understanding of the rules and regulations to avoid surprises and hidden costs. Overall, Guatemala offers a unique blend of culture, affordability, and stunning natural beauty that makes it an excellent retirement destination.

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