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Relocation services for expats, newcomers and retirees:

  • International Moving Services
  • Package Forwarding
  • Automobile & Boat Shipping

We specialize in serving:

  • Expats Retirees
  • Digital nomads
  • Private individuals looking to move abroad
  • Returning citizens to their origin country

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Every relocation process is different, rules and regulations may vary depending on your immigration status, shipment description, location, and several factors. This quick call can help us review these rules and give you the proper advice depending on your specific case.

How Moving overseas should be!

Every successful relocation is a well planed project

We have developed a system to ensure our customers have a complete overview of their relocation journey, from our initial consultation to the delivery of the household goods to the final destination.

Our goal is to make the journey of thousands of expatriates easier and enjoyable by providing useful information and specialized services, such as:

Relocation tours

  • International Moving Services
  • Courier Assistance
  • Automobile & Boat Shipping

Our services are aimed at providing the highest quality with a software designed to show our clients the progress of their entire relocation in a visual timeline, enabling them to better prepare for their travel arrangements, the immigration process, and some other relevant processes.

​Every day we strive to provide the best customer experience and first-class relocation services.


IRP, Chief Executive Officer


“Each and every international move should be efficient, secure, and memorable for you and your family. Your international relocation partner should be accountable for making your move easy and enjoyable.”

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Our Easy Moving Process

Our moving process is base on a simple but powerful truth. Every move overseas is the combination of a sequence of steps that need to be planed, followup, and controlled.

We treat every move for that it is, a complex project to be coordinated. Applying the best project management practices and our proprietary relocation management system.

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Personalized Relocation Plan
Timeline Relocation tracking and follow up
Continues support during your relocation

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Frequently Asked Question

We want to offer you a better experience by sweeping away all of your concerns and save you time to focus on your relocation, that’s why we came up with this organized collection of valuable information about our products and services.

Does my shipment include insurance? Or Am I protected against loss or damage while my goods are in transit?

Providing insurance to your shipment is an additional service we offer, please contact one of Relocation Specialists for information about the different policies available for your shipment.

When do I have to confirm the service with IRP?

We recommend confirming with 30 days in advance to ensure availability.

How can I track my shipment?

Absolutely, when your service is booked, we will create Timeline Relocation Systems for your project. This application will allow us to show you step by step all the process you relocation move will pass through, you will view dates, descriptions, comments, documents and tasks. We will send the instructions through email. (Available only for door to door relocation service)

How can I confirm my moving and relocation service with International Relocation Partner ?

You can sing and confirm your move in our online Relocation Planner.
We create a custom tailor Relocation Planner for each of our customers with a comprehensive estimate of the international shipping cost, rules and regulations. This online document has the option to confirm and accept

Does IRP require a deposit payment? What type of payment method do you accept?

Yes, we do require an initial payment, we take wire transfer payments only, for which you will be receiving an invoice with our bank information, for additional assistance about payment method please contact our Relocation Specialist.

How long does it take for my shipment to be delivered or to arrive at my destination?

The total time it takes for goods to get from point A to point B, transit time may vary depending on different factors such as the specific route and how many stops the shipping company will make, it can take anywhere from 15 up to 45 days.

We can provide you with an estimated transit time and customs clearance for your shipment, please contact our Relocation Specialist.

How long does it take for my shipment to be delivered or to arrive at its destination?

Many factors can come into play when determining an estimated delivery time, as transit time and custom. We have developed a unique Timeline Relocation Project Management, whose uniqueness resides in allowing customization, for our customer to track each step of their shipment.

How long does it take for customs to clear my shipment?

It takes approximately from 1 to 10 weeks depending on the destination country rules and requirements. Please contact our Relocation Specialist for more information.

What happens if on the day of the services my shipment weight or volume is different from the one estimated on the proposal?

We instruct our packing team to let you know if you have less than expected weight or have exceeded the estimated cubic meter reflected on the proposal, for you to decide whether or not you will be packing all, we will know the exact total of cubic meters after loading the container. The final bill will be adjusted to the real volume and weight shipped.

Do you include packing materials in your international moving proposal?

We offer a variety of services that may include full packing and packing materials. This is an option and we ask our customers to confirm if this service is available in your local area and for your specific shipment.

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Moving abroad is a unique experience for everybody, with different motives, family sizes, and needs. Learning about you and your specific needs, allows us to give you useful advice and relevant information for you to plan your relocation project.


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